Orangery Labs

360-degree support for your start-up.

We take care

We analyse your ideas, qualify and professionalise you as an entrepreneur, drive your start-up from the pitch phase to financing, enable access to universities, companies, business angels and investors, and help you in drawing up contracts. It is our aim to make you and your start-up fit enough to survive in your market. 

Key Features

Qualification programme

We offer a sophisticated qualification programme, consisting of several modules, that allows you to fit in all important aspects within nine months.


We offer you direct access to capital via our extensive network of banks, business angels and venture capital firms.


We provide you with an experienced mentor, to be at your side to offer help and advice.


We provide you with the necessary infrastructure. In addition to a workplace, this also includes other services, such as car sharing.


Orangery Labs

If you like, we can contact you. Is there anything else that you’re after? 

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