Our mission

We are the ecosystem for start-ups.
Where ideas thrive and plans become reality. Everywhere.

Orange is the new way of black.

Who says you need to run around dressed in black to be cool, anyway?
Who says that you only have a chance as a start-up in one of the “trendy” cities, like Berlin, Tel Aviv or New York? After all, entrepreneurial spirit, ideas and innovations can be found everywhere. Even in Hildesheim, Hamelin...

So let’s think again. What would it be like to have a complete infrastructure for start-ups in your town too? With the best-equipped workspace, direct connections to sponsors and like-minded people, and a professional support team who can be contacted at any time, that gets you into shape to deal with investors? Welcome to Orangery.

Bild von einem event
Bild von einem Event

We bring things together.

Orangery is where the strands come together. It is our mission to bring ideas ready to market and make locations attractive. It actually doesn’t take much: a roof overhead, ongoing exchanges between entrepreneurs, partners, sponsors and investors - and a safe space in which creativity can be freely expressed. What we offer:


We work on ideas with start-ups.
To labs


Flexible reservations at fair prices.
To workspace


You meet like-minded people at Orangery.
To community

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